We need your help!


If you or your friends are concerned about the present and future management of the Bitterroot National Forest, as well as adjoining national forests, now is the time to become personally involved in our organization. Remember, management activity on the BNF affects all of us. Water, water quality, fisheries, wildlife and scenic values, and recreational opportunities—all are at risk.


In 1986, a group of concerned Ravalli County citizens were highly distressed about the size and pace of the Forest's (BNF) logging and road building program. We formed Friends of the Bitter Root (FOB) in 1988. It was apparent that the long and short term impacts on resources such as watersheds, wildlife, fisheries, soils and scenic values were not being considered. The federal laws and regulations pertaining to projects on the forest were given little or no consideration. At the highest administrative levels the mantra and incessant drum beat was “get out the cut” (1970 -1990)!


The involvement of FOB—and other events occurring at that time—helped to scale back the enormity of the impact on other resources in that time period. However, it seems that the circle has now swung back not only to “get out the cut,” but is accompanied by strong and incessant attacks on the federal laws and regulations. This time, the Forest Service and conservation groups have little or no support in Congress or the White House to stave off the onslaught.


We have a skilled and dedicated group of individuals in the FOB steering committee, well-honed after years of working with the BNF and surrounding national forests. Weknow our forest, we know the laws and regulations, and we know how to look for solutions. But we need your help. We need people to be active members who will:

    -Serve on the Steering Committee;
    -Attend committee meetings;
    -Attend F.S. meetings, scoping sessions, field trips;
    -Take time to chat with local forest officials about different concerns;
    -Let them know we support the agency and want to work with them;
    -Do field monitoring of the proposed and ongoing projects; and/or
    -Document and report abuses.


Presently, the mission of the National Forest System is under attack by those who would capitalize on the sale of our natural resources. The exploiters are working with the President, the Congress, our state legislators, and local officials; not only to exploit the resources, but to dismantle the whole concept of public lands for the people.


Get involved. Volunteer. Our public lands need your help!